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Age of Empires Game For PC Full Version

Age of Empires For PC

Age of Empires For PC is a real village life simulation video game. This game was released about 22 years ago. The franchise of this game launched three big games. And it is one of the most successful strategy simulation games. This game is based on war crafts and civilization. And it is set on the tonnage and iron age history of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

However, the second big series of this game is based on the history of middle age. And the third series is based on the history of the 18th-century history of colonization of Europe. The fourth series of this game is under development.

Gameplay Of Age of Empires Complete Edition

The Gameplay Of Age of Empires Complete Edition is based on a history of villagers’ life, war rafts, and Civilization. At the beginning of this game, you will see a campaign page on your screen. You have to select one of the Maps given on the campaign page. After that, the game will tell you the story of that map place. If you want to listen to the story you can continue. Otherwise, you can skip the story. Then you will be given the option of character selection. And there will be given about 12 unique characters. You can freely select one of them. However, each character has its unique face and skills. After selecting the character you will enter the game world. There you will be given a village plot. Where you have to develop your Village and the necessities of life. And you will create different objects.

You have to complete all the work step by step. Furthermore, you can collect different items that meet your needs. Like woods and food. You also can make your house by using trees. And for food, you can hunt wild animals. But animals can attack the player so you have to be careful. As you get progress in the game you can enhance your village space. And also the number of residents. You can control all the characters and can get different works from them. As you complete your task you will go to the next level. you will also have to face your enemies. Moreover, they can destroy your village. To fight enemies, you can create different handmade weapons. Like swords, Big sticks with sharp edges. If you kill the enemies you will win the game.

Development of Age of Empires Highly Compressed

Age of Empires Highly Compressed is developed by Ansible Studio company. The Ensemble Company is a game development company. The foundation of this game was laid by Tony Goodman and John Bogs. However, four companies develop this game. Furthermore, the developer Bogs said that we can’t give 100% History realism in the game. Because it will cause boredom.

Then they decide to add some relaxation to the game. Furthermore, Bogs also decide to make some changes to the story of the game. And to increase the entertainment level and aspect of uniqueness, the developers decide to give a free hand to the player to choose one of the 12 characters of the game. Furthermore, they provide the convenience to play on a random map.

Our Review And Experience Of Age of Empires Free Download

The game Age of Empires is one of the best and most famous games in the history of games. This game is full of village-based adventures and battles. Shortly this is all in one game. Which includes adventure, fights, and entertainment. If you like the old life simulation game then this is a great game. Through this game, you will get the experience of village life.

Age of Empires Free Download

System Requirements For Age of Empires Torrent
  • Central Processing Unit: Intel Dual Core 1.8 GHz or better Intel Core I5 / AMD the same.
  • Required RAM: 4 Gb and better 16 Gb.
  • Operating System: Windows 10.
  • Intel HD 4000  Video Card or Better.
  • 1 Gb Required Video Ram.

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