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Dead Space 2 Game For PC Get Free Full Version

Dead Space 2 PC Game

Dead Space 2 For PC is a single-player and multiplayer third-person survival horror game. This is the second big project of the Visceral game company. And it is the 2nd game in the Dead Space game series. The game follows the events as in its first game. And is set in the open world of the space station Sprawl. It is a lethargically colonized urban space station.

Moreover, the space station is full of deadly monsters and mega space objects. That space is under the control of some aliens. The aliens are capturing humans from Earth and changing them into deadly monsters. The main protagonist of the game is Issac. Issac is sent to that space to protect some of the humans and also to destroy the labs and aliens’ world.

Gameplay Of Dead Space 2 Free Download

Gameplay Of Dead Space 2 Free Download is an action shooter gameplay. And you will play the game from the perspective of a third person. In this game, the player takes control of the character Issac. The gameplay is a sequel to the previous series. And this game is with some new attractive and entertaining features. As in its previous series, the character wears a gadget suit to go into space. This gadget suit has a unique function such as an oxygen pump. And is also equipped with weapons. However, In his suit, the oxygen is available for a limited time. And you can see the oxygen level on your screen. And the player can refill his oxygen cylinder at any time by collecting extra pumps from the game world.

The game also allows the player to navigate through the open world to collect his needy items. If a player dies because of the lack of oxygen then he has to replay the game from the given point. Although at the start of the game, the player gets a status modulus. Which allows the player to laziness the enemy’s movement. And also allows the player to easily go through the heavy machine. As players get s progress in the game he gets new gadgets and weapons. And to get the victory player needs to complete the game efficiently.

Development Of Dead Space 2 Highly Compressed

Dead Space 2 Highly Compressed is developed by the Visceral Games development company. The publisher of the game is Electronic Arts. And the director of the game is Wright Bagwell. David Woldman is the producer of this game. Furthermore, the designer of the game is John Calhoun, Jatin Patel, and Matthias Worch. Dean Grandquist and Steve Timson are the programmers of the game. Ian Milham is the writer and Jeremy Bernstein is the artist of this game. And Jason Grave is the composer of the Dead Space 2 game.

Overall the game was first released in North America on 25 Jan 2015. On the second number, it was released in AU on 27 Jan 2011. Furthermore, after the release of the game gets a 90 percent score from Metacritic for all its platform.GameRankings’ website gives 89 percent scores for all its platforms. According to the publication review score, this game also gets these scores.

  • 9/10 score from GameRaddar, Gametrailers, Edge, and Gameinformer
  • 9.5/10 scores from Destructoid, PSM, and OXM
  • 9.2/10 scores from PSM3
  • Also gets 4/5 stars from Joystick
  • 5/5 stars from Giant Bomb

Dead Space 2 Torrent

Our Review And Experience Of Dead Space 2 PC Game

According to my experience and review the game Dead Space 2 is one of the best games. The game has an interesting game story and gameplay mode. That also enhances the entertainment of the game. And the way the player’s character performs actions in-game is so enjoyable. Moreover, its graphic design is so beautiful. And it includes a great dark open-world system than other games.

System Requirements For Dead Space 2 Torrent

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU or better than this
  • OS: Windows Vista and Windows XP Operating Systems
  • Require RAM Memory:1 Gb only
  • Pixel & Vertex Shader Model:3.0 minimum
  • Free Space Of Disk: minimum 10 Gb.

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