Firewatch Torrent For PC Game Free 2023 Download

Firewatch PC Game

Firewatch PC Game

Firewatch PC Game is an adventure game. And played from the perspective of a third person. The game s based on the story of henry. Who gets the job of a guard in the national forest Shoshone. And henry works is to save the jungle from fire. Or if there is a fire in the forest. Furthermore, Henry has to help everyone to safely get out of the jungle. Before the story begins henry gets the news that his wife is mentally sick. And on the first day of his job henry go to his tower in the jungle. Where he knows about his supervisor’s name.

His supervisor’s name is Dalila. One day on duty he talks to his supervise via Voki Toki. His supervisor said that some peoples are illegally using small bombs. That can be a danger of fire in the jungle. She orders him to investigate that. When Henry goes to investigate that there he sees some girls. That is bathing in the lake. Furthermore, girls blame for henry that he was secretly seeing them in a lake. After communicating with girls henry moves forward. When he comes back to the tower that he saw that his things are stolen from the tower. However, the game is based on this type of story where is a boy who is not under the control of his parents. And doing some illegal works. And henry trying to stop that boy.

Gameplay Of Firewatch Free Download

In this game Firewatch Free Download, you will play as the character of a guard. You will be hired in a jungle as a guard. And your duty is to protect the jungle. The gameplay is based on the story of henry. That I describe in the upper paragraph. You will also face many difficult situations. And you have to solve them out. Furthermore, there is an enemy in the game that is creating problems for you. And doing illegal works. You will investigate that.

Moreover, you need to capture him. In order to solve the problems. You can freely roam in the open world of the game. And can collect many things. To find the correct way you also can use a map and compass. However, there is no ending in this game. You just have to complete your missions and task through the game story.

Development Of Firewatch Highly Compressed

Firewatch Highly Compressed is developed by Campo Santo company. And published by Panic and Campo Santo Company. The director of this game is Olly Moss and Sean Vanaman. Furthermore, the producer of this game is Gabe MacGill.Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, and James Benson are the designers of this game. This game uses a unity engine. However, the game was released on 9 Feb 2019. And it is released for these platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstaatin4, Xbox one, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. This game has only a single-player mode.

Moreover, this game gets favorable reviews from critics. From Metacritic aggregate, this game gets 81/100 score for PC. It also gets a 76/100 score for PS4 and an 85/100 score for Xone. In addition, to the review score, it gets 4.5/5 stars from Gameraddar. This game sold out about two million copies on all platforms.

Our Review And Experience Of Firewatch Torrent 

This game is fully based on an adventure. The graphics of this game seem wonderful. Especially on the day and night mode. Furthermore, every frame of this game looks like that it is taken from a painting. You will take a lot of different dialogues in this game. If you are intrusted and you like adventure games. Then you must have to play this game.

Firewatch Torrent

System Requirments For Firewatch For PC
  1. Operating System: Windows 7 with 64 Bit or higher.
  2. Intel Core i3  processor with 2.0 GHz Or AMD.
  3. Required Memory: 6 Gb Of Ram.
  4. Nvidia Geforce Video Card 450 or better with 1 Gb Memory.
  5. Version 11 of Direct X.
  6. 4 GB Free Space For Disk.

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