iCare Data Recovery Pro 9.1 Crack With License Key Download

iCare Data Recovery Pro 9.1 Crack  Serial Key 2024

icare data recovery pro crack

Icare Data Recovery Pro 9.1 Crack is an application that you can use to get data from crashed devices if it is your mobile or system or any USB or any size memory card,  you can solve all the issues through this app if you have your important data or pictures in the CD or the DVD. However, these external devices are not opening. You will not need to worry, you can use these devices to turn on your data. If your storage device loses significant data, any content, or other media. Then, you can recover all these types with only a single click.

Uses of this app:

The app also gives you files back from those drivers that you have fully formatted or you can recover the data from the hard disk not only for one type of data. However, for multiple formats of data. You can even get the data from the lost partition. And can save the data the same way since you lost it in full quality. If you want to get the data in the section you can get it. And also you can change the size of the section. You can adjust the new data by extending the section with one click.

The procedure for recovering the lost data:

If you want to recover the lost data first you will need to connect the mobile to the PC where you have installed this app. Then there will be one interface that appears from this interface. You have to select the option and the type of recovery. Then you have to click on the scan option. Then this app will give you the option to select the files you want to recover after selecting the file from the interface. All you need to do is click on the ok option. Your data will be fully recovered. Then you can transfer it to any device you want


The app is not limited to external devices. However, you can also get deleted messaging from any contacts or receive emails. Even if you want to get the deleted history of Facebook or WhatsApp chat. You can easily get it.
Sometimes your data becomes shortcuts due to viruses. If you cannot open such files. Then this app can help you and you can open your files.

icare data recovery pro crack

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You can recover the lost folders or you can merge the partitions:

With this app, you can easily recover lost folders. If you want to merge two to three partitions in one partition. You can do so. And can save your storage.

This app is very protected from any viruses:

This app is very protected from any viruses. You can recover your data using the save modes. Once you recover your data. There is no chance that your data becomes harmed or hacked or similar to these types of issues. However, your data will be fully saved.


You can get the data with simple scanning. And or also with the deep scanning process.
Users can use multiple versions.
Through this app, you can enjoy a very fast scanning process of any large file. You can recover or scan within seconds.


The app can also recover any audio file. Any video file or coding file if it is a CSS file or HTML file. And other language files. You can retrieve this type of data. If you lost accidentally. Sometimes when you download any content. You are getting some lines missing content. This app can help you download the complete content. This app also helps you in choosing authentic files.

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