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The Forest Highly Compressed Free

The Forest Highly Compressed Free is a horror video game. The game is located on a very far peninsula. Where player Eric Leblanc and his son Timmi survive. The game is off-road in a free-to-play environment. I played through the first vision. Without missions and actions that allow players to make their own decisions. This game starts when Eric LeBlanc sits on a plane with his son Timmy. Before landing on a remote forest peninsula. Erik and his son survived the crash. But Erik helped Watt when he was imprisoned by a redhead before Timmy knew him.

Waking up from a plane crash, Erik leaves and sees his son. He wants to protect himself from the desert, and Eric encounters young children who come to see his son. In the bush, he says Eric is inviting him to help his baby. As a result of several suggestions, Tommy enters the cave system at the end of the tunnel.

Gameplay Of  The Forest Free Download:

Gameplay Of ¬†The Forest Free Download In the wild, the player in the field must survive after the plane crash. And he sees a cannibal picking up the player’s son. The player can save his life by making shelters and other protective equipment. Islanders live the night in ethnic groups, villages in forests, and deep caves of the peninsula. But not always against players, their normal behavior is disgusting, especially at night. However, the developers wondered if the island’s ethnic groups were hostile or not. Like when a player captures a chef for the first time. At stake are the decline of forests and the discovery of undeveloped caves, including young children, infants, and more. The chef refuses to attack him and tries to contact him through the photos. And sends the thieves around him.

During the battle, they try to defend themselves. Also, wash the torches, cover their backs, help the injured, and take strategic decisions. Sometimes fearing fire or sometimes talking to the player in case of fire or torch. Although there are no special tasks. The game also includes a day and night plan. Where players build houses and fishing shops. And also gather daylight and protect the night sky.

Development of The Forest PC Game:

Development of The Forest PC Game Endnight Games developed and published this game. Ben Falcon is the director and Anna Terekhova is the designer of this game. Furthermore, Guillaume Kehren is the programmer and Gabe Casto is the composer of this game. unity engine used for this game. This game is released for these platforms Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The Forest game has both modes of single-player mode and multiplayer mode. It was released for Windows on 30 Apr and PlayStation 4 on 6 Nov . This game is based on computer games such as the Descent cult movie. As the Kalanichny Holocaust and Don Start it is within Steam. Game Night at Creators claimed that Disney was declaring that it did not want the inspiration, darkness, and sadness of the game.

This game is designed to incorporate the core of the Oculus Rift. After submitting options for participation mode at the time of installation. The team said they wanted the game to be on the side of many other players. Dollar 125000 is the development budget of this game. Moreover, this game gets favorable reviews from critics. It sold 5.3 million copies in Nov.

The Forest PC Game

System Requirments For The Forest Torrent Get
  • Operating System: Windows 7 32-Bit Version.
  • Central Processing Unit: Intel Core Duo E2200 2.4 GHz, Athlon 7550 dual-core.
  • Required RAM Memory: 4 GB.
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT Or Radeon HD 4830.
  • 5 Gb Hd Space.
  • Memory Of GPU: 512 MB.

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